Gain Experience

The Department of Communication Arts encourages students to apply the knowledge and skills they attain through coursework to professional settings. Internships and part-time jobs at television networks, nonprofit organizations, talent agencies, magazines, radio stations, advertising agencies, production companies, government agencies, and other communication-related businesses help student gain work-related experience and explore career options. Emails, tweets, and postings provide certificate students with information on opportunities across the country.

Attend Events

Throughout the academic year, students have the opportunity to participate in several communication-focused, career-related events, such as guest speakers, career panels, and the advertising and communications career fair.

Prominent Alumni in Media

Steven Levitan, co-creator of the hit television show Modern Family, meets with students at UW–Madison.

Many great media creators have graced the halls of Communication Arts and UW–Madison. Our notable alumni include Andrew Bergman, Joan Cusack, Peter Deming, Jim Hirsch, Adam Horowitz, Kelly Kahl, Ben Karlin, Edward Kitsis, Steven Levitan, Michael Mann, Walter Mirisch, Errol Morris, Joey (formerly Jill) Soloway, Mary Sweeney, David and Jerry Zucker, and more.

Communication Arts Alumni Careers at a Glance

After completing a liberal arts education with a communication arts major, communication arts alumni pursue a variety of careers. In a recent survey, communication arts alumni were asked to provide and categorize their occupation. The results are available on the Department of Communication Arts website:

L&S Career Resources

SuccessWorks at the College of Letters & Science helps students leverage the academic skills learned in their major, certificates, and liberal arts degree; explore and try out different career paths; participate in internships; prepare for the job search and/or graduate school applications; and network with professionals in the field (alumni and employers).

SuccessWorks can also assist students in career advising, résumé and cover letter writing, networking opportunities, and interview skills, as well as course offerings for undergraduates to begin their career exploration early in their undergraduate career.