Certificate Overview

Explore the fundamentals of storytelling through the Digital Cinema Production Certificate. Certificate students complete coursework in screenwriting, producing, directing, cinematography and sound, editing, and related fields. They master the aesthetic and technical tools of moving-image storytelling, learn creative decision making, employ collaborative work skills, and apply industry standards. The Digital Cinema Production Certificate is relevant to undergraduates across campus who are considering careers in film, television, documentary, and internet-based media.

The Digital Cinema Production Certificate is offered through the Department of Communication Arts.

View the Certificate on the Guide: http://guide.wisc.edu/undergraduate/letters-science/communication-arts/digital-cinema-production-certificate/

Digital Cinema Production Certificate Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate mastery of the aesthetic and technical tools of moving-image storytelling.
  2. Analyze story structure and illustrate how their creative decisions support their interpretation of story.
  3. Employ collaborative work skills to perform in the role of leaders or members of production crews/groups.
  4. Analyze the meaning, form, and process of cinematic work with the goal of providing honest, critical and instructive feedback.
  5. Reproduce and apply industry standard methods for media pre-production, production and post-production and explain the rationale for these methods.